Work with a formal contract or be self-employed?

As the economic crisis settled in the country, a demand for people had their jobs lost and the only way out has been to work on their own. Switching from signed to autonomous walks brings many changes, but what is the difference between being employed and working on your own? Which option is worth the most? We will answer you here, presenting the advantages and disadvantages of both, continue reading.

The advantages and disadvantages of having a formal contract

The advantages and disadvantages of having a formal contract

Regulated by the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws), the employment relationship in which a person provides service to the employer in a fixed manner, guarantees several benefits that in many cases are not offered to those who are Legal.


– Fixed salary;
– 30 days of vacation once a year;
– Thirteen first salary;
– Payment of overtime worked;
– One break per week without discount;
– 120 days maternity leave with employment stability for up to 5 months after childbirth;
– Slack in the death of a close relative, marriage and military enlistment;
– Prior notice in case of termination of the contract;
– In case of dismissal, the right to unemployment insurance.


– Complete a fixed work day;
– Daily shift to work;
– Follow rules and rules of the company;
– Up to 27.5% of taxed monthly salary.

The advantages and disadvantages of being autonomous or legal person

The advantages and disadvantages of being autonomous or legal person

Through the CNPJ, the autonomous company has a company in which it is its own employee. In this modality, independence, freedom and responsibilities are part of the routine of the legal person. Unlike the employee with a formal contract, the freelancer has no rescission, a factor that weighs when it comes to choosing.


– Freedom to make their own hours;
– Autonomy to perform tasks;
– No need for locomotion, sometimes you can work at home;
“He does not take orders from superiors;
– The company’s profit is individual;
– Possibility to earn more in the short term.


– No protection of labor legislation;
– Does not receive a fixed salary;
– You need to pay a pension plan;
– Does not have benefits such as unemployment insurance, 13th salary and FGTS;
– It requires greater concern and care with money;
– You are required to issue invoice and pay tax on the amount you have profited.

So, which one is worth more?


Each person has his own profile, so it is difficult to generalize which employment modality is more appropriate, so you have to put on the balance the weak and strong points of items that will determine which is the best choice for us.


Being autonomous will give you the possibility of having high earnings, but without ensuring the security of having a signed portfolio, since the legal person needs to have organization and financial control to deal with income and expenses, in addition to saving money. You have to think about what you are looking for today. Can you save contingencies in the future or do you prefer a lower salary, but being protected?



Despite the high earnings, it is necessary to take into account the amount of the tax rate for individuals. Sometimes a very high salary does not mean that you are being paid well. Thinking about this is necessary before accepting any proposal, assess the value of taxes on your salary, in addition to calculate the budget will cover your expenses.


Have you ever stopped to think that even though your wallet is signed that does not guarantee financial stability? By the way, no vacancy provides certainty of tomorrow, however, if you choose to be autonomous knowing how to manage your earnings, avoid debt, save and invest, instability will be a consequence of your organization.

In short, making a decision can really be a very difficult task, but regardless of the option there will always be other possibilities. Think carefully and define your goals and goals for the future and which alternative best fits your profile. 

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