When is it best to buy travel?

July 2017 ended with many people’s frustration with only one official summer day and lots of rain. Last year, Good Finance was able to tell that 58% of Danes held summer holidays abroad, and all indications show that this figure will increase this year due to the very sad summer weather.

Holidays abroad

Holidays abroad

It is not cheap to spend a holiday abroad – in fact, a household traveling abroad uses approx. 3 times as much money on their holiday abroad compared to the Danes who spend their holiday in Denmark. The average price for summer holidays held in Denmark was DKK 5,318 in 2016.

The large difference in price between holidays in and outside Denmark is primarily due to transport and accommodation costs, since the cost of living is typically cheaper southwards than in Denmark.

Decides at the last minute

A large number of Danes decide first whether the holiday should be kept south when the holiday is so close that they have a good indication of whether the weather will be good or bad.

The disadvantage of not having decided before the summer holidays has largely begun is that the price of travel to warmer climes often becomes significantly more expensive than if you had bought the trip well in advance.

The best time to buy the next summer holiday trip is actually shortly after the summer vacation is over. Here, the demand for air travel and accommodation is often at its lowest level. In other words, it is a good idea to plan your dream trip now if you want to save a lot of money.

Think long-term

Think long-term

Many would say that the economy is shallow when you have just spent an expensive summer vacation. But given the money you save on the trip, it can be worth taking a loan, so you already have the certainty of getting sun and summer in 2018.

“ Many would say that there is shallow economic activity when you have just spent an expensive summer vacation.

See how cheap your next loan

See how cheap your next loan

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Source: Good Finance Summer Vacation Analysis June 2016.

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